My family has had the wonderful opportunity to have Mrs. Olga as our childrens Preschool teacher. Both of our children attended Precious Years Preschool for 3 years. Our children have enjoyed the nurturing and learning environment that Mrs. Olga creates. Her Preschool program is organized to meet the needs of all her students. We have enjoyed our children being in a small class size of 6 or less students. Our children have been well prepared for Kindergarten due to her program. My Husband and I would highly recommend Precious Years Preschool to anyone interested in a Preschool program. -Timothy and Tamara Brown- 5th Grade Teacher

I wanted to thank Precious Years for all you have done for Christian and Isabel. Our experience with Precious Years Preschool was so great with Isabel that I did not need to think twice when choosing a Preschool for Christian. At the Beginning of June, Christian attended a Kindergarten Summer Bridge Camp. This was to introduce him to the Kindergarten environment. He was well prepared for the work they gave him and his school manners were perfect! The teacher commented specifically on how helpful he was. Another teacher commented on his academics and assured us that he was more than prepared for Kindergarten. We truly feel that his readiness is a reflection of his time at Precious Years Preschool. Thank you again for a wonderful year! -Veronica and Christian Starr

I have known Miss Olga of Precious Years Preschool for over 8 years. She taught my three children and each one just loved having her for a teacher. I always felt safe and comfortable with her. each one of my kids have been well prepared for kindergarten because of her. I have never met a woman who has more patience and love for kids as her. My boys and I have had a great experience with her and we will miss her very much. 

Thank You,  Carrie Droste 

I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Precious Years Preschool. I have two children that have gone through the program. My first son attended her preschool in 2006/2007. My second son attended her preschool in 2009/2010. The class size is only 6 children, which provides each child a chance to obtain one on one instruction.

Mrs Olga provides a wonderful balance of Arts, Crafts, Socialization and Academics. Everyday my boys came home talking about an amazing array of topics. From tropical rainforests to fish in the sea. On top of that, they received instruction on identifying and writing letters and numbers, days of the week and months of the year. The amazing part is not only did they learn all of this, but they had so much fun doing it. My kids were so excited everyday to go to school.

If you get a chance to enroll your little one in her Preschool, I hope you enjoy all of the smiles and accomplishments as much as I did. Thank You Olga for doing such a wonderful job with both of my boys!
-Joni Charles

I want to thank all of the wonderful families I have had the pleasure to know and for the opportunity to work with your children!
Below are Testimonial  Letters from some of the families I have had the privilege to work with.

Sincerely, Miss Olga

To whom it may concern:

I highly recommend Miss Olga and Precious Years Preschool. My two boys attended this great and wonderful school. 

The preschool program is very good. The projects they have in school cater to the level of each individual.  Having a small class is great. It allows Miss Olga to focus with every student. My two boys always looked forward to going to school and learning new things.   They love Miss Olga. She is very caring patient and professional. Never did I hear from my kids any issues with their teacher. I'm very fortunate that my kids were able to work with a very good and loving teacher. 

I would definately recommend Precious Years Preschool without any reservations. 

Sincerely,  Aurora Payawal

To future parents of Precious Years Preschool:

Miss Olga has been our daughters preschool teacher for a year. Let us begin by saying that not only has it been a rewarding experience for Jasmine, but for us as well. 

When we first met with Miss Olga, my wife and I were very pleased with the classroom atmosphere that Miss Olga provided. We were confident with Miss Olga's teaching skills and curriculum.  Miss Olga presented a fun loving and safe environment for our daughter to learn.
Our daughter respected and adored Miss Olga and always looked forward to going to school to learn and be with her friends. Miss Olga was a great influence with Jasmine and we definately have no complaints. In the short time that Jasmine attended Precious Years, she is prepared, willing and very excited to go to kindergarten. My wife and I thank Miss Olga for her time, patience and certainly her teaching methods. 

We highly recommend Precious Years to any parent with a Preschooler. Miss Olga will be missed and we can never thank her enough.   
Sincerely, Mike & Asalia Yaeger

To whom it may concern :

This letter is to serve as a letter of reference for my sons preschool teacher Miss Olga of Precious Years Preschool. 

In the year that my son attended Miss Olga's preschool, he has learned so much. He has learned important academic concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. More importantly, my son also learned many social skills such as learning to share, taking turns and manners. 

During the year that he spent at Precious Years Preschool, my son always looked forward to going to school, so I always felt assured that he was learning at a place that he wanted to go. He always came home excited and eager to share what he had learned that day. I also observed that Miss Olga is a very kind and a patient teacher. She possessed these skills with all the students. 

I highly recommend Miss Olga's Precious Years Preschool to anyone looking to recieve a high quality preschool education for their children. Miss Olga will be sure to prepare any child(ren) for kindergarten. 

Sincerely,  Nawin Nabi